Anil Babu Suthi

Born in 1980 in Visakhapatnam, South India, Suthi began his academic career as a basis to his formation to be a Catholic priest belonging to the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor. After completing Bachelor's degree in Philosophy (2002-2005) and Theology (2006-2009), he was encouraged to enter a PhD program in Germany at the University of Münster (2015-2020), which he successfully completed at the University of Frankfurt (2021).

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Suthi, Anil Babu
Postmetaphysics A Socio-Philosophical Challenge to the Indian Religious Public Sphere
Habermas’ development of the concept of postmetaphysics does orient us to engage in a dialogue between faith and knowledge that contributes in dealing with religion in public sphere. This research is based on an enquiry that conscientizes one about the primordial intentionality of religion within...
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